About The Author

About The Author

I grew up under the hood of a car tinkering around, and watching my dad take broken things and repair them. I also grew up in playing video games. I started playing around with technology at a very early age and have little fear of anything electronic.

My Formal Education I went to college in 1991 with a focus on Theatre and Dance. The Internet was just taking off, and within a couple of years it was apparent that we had a lack of a decent Internet provider in our town so a couple of friends and I started our own Internet company before all of us joining MindSpring (later it became EarthLink) as Engineers. Over the past 15 years I’ve gained a broad base of experience across these diverse industries: Computer software, Internet Provider, Telecommunications, Smart Grid Power Metering, and Networking.

My positions have varied from Systems Engineer to Network Administrator, from Computer Programmer to Database Administrator, and from Innovator to Sales Technology Consultanting.

For the last nine years, I’ve worked with some of the largest wireless telecom carriers and Internet Providers in the world, delivering complex solutions to large corporate customers. Today, I’ve taken the sum of the parts and brought it down to the individual user and small office space.

From Computers to iPhones As a young man I was constantly tinkering with electronics and computers. I am a tech-aholic, once they release something I must read about it and see if I can stick into my daily work flow.

I am a geeks geek. You know that person you always go to with technical questions? I’m the guy they go to when they can’t figure it out. I can’t help myself, I end up either having new devices when they come out, or I have a good reason why I didn’t get one.

Formal Education

University of Alabama

1991 • 1993 • Theater and Dance


  • Website Design
  • VOIP
  • IoT
  • Edge Compute
  • Kubernetes
  • Systems Architecture
  • Embedded systems